ICBRNE is a program of the Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with Los Angeles regional public safety, public health, law enforcement, various industry partners and others.

When a disaster strikes, first responders use multiple off-the-shelf systems to assess various potential safety risks at the site. Yet, these disparate systems often speak different software languages. This technical dissonance can complicate situation awareness and assessment and can impede the effectiveness of first responders – putting their lives, as well as members of the community, at greater risk.

The Department of Homeland Security is exploring ways to overcome technical and organization problems that can impede coordinated response, including ways to improve technical interoperability between civil governments and their various departments. The ICBRNE Program provides a framework with which local and regional governments can more quickly and completely communicate; and share real-world real-time situation awareness; create and develop action plans and tactical response; and produces exercises that challenge local and regional governments to work together to save lives and property.

The goal of ICBRNE Detection Demonstration Pilots is to increase the sharing of real-world sensor data and situational awareness among DHS, Public Safety, military, and commercial entities through application of operational interoperability, standards and methods.

The ICBRNE program utilizes a wide variety of chemical, biological, radiation, and explosive detectors, as well as video and infrared cameras, wirelessly networked into an advanced technology shared common operational picture created by Safe Environment Engineering in cooperation with the Pacific Northwest National Labs in Richland, Wash., and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center in San Diego.




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