The ICBRNE program is an innovative integration of CBRNE systems. Through the program, the team continues to research what technical, cultural and policy gaps exist between disparate systems and what tools will help fill those voids.

Working closely with the Department of Homeland Security, Safe Environment Engineering and its partners helped implement the use of the Common Alerting Protocol, a common language (standard) that allows dissimilar systems to speak to each other.

Through funding from the Department of Homeland Security, Safe Environment Engineering also developed three components that accomplish the ICBRNE program’s objectives:

  • Wireless device: This attaches to the dissimilar, off-the-shelf systems to allow them to share information using Common Alerting Protocol
  • Lifeline Gateway: This allows the now-communicating instruments to share information over the Internet so that subject matter experts do not need to be on the scene.
  • Remote display: This allows people in a safe location to see what is happening at the disaster scene. It also has applications for every-day, non-disaster uses.

Through the system, a field expert reads the device in a safe location and sees exactly what the responder is seeing so they can create a plan together. When unexpected changes occur, the system provides near real-time data from all instruments so the team can quickly review and revise the plan of action. If a significant disaster occurs, the system can even send out automated alerts and notifications and through its partnership with other tools track emissions to know how far the hazardous situation might spread.

In addition to managing disaster scenarios, the system also can be used for disaster prevention. Using its ongoing monitoring capabilities, the system can be placed in locations where situations are often hazardous, such as mines or chemical plants. ICBRNE program can monitor indicators and provide information that would prevent a disaster.




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